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Hurricane House Hardening 101

Architect and General Contractor in Fort Lauderdale
Building a Strong Foundation For Your Project

Hardening your home should begin now and is frequently combined with other #homerenovations, #homeadditions or other maintenance projects. As your #fortlauderdalerenovation and #hurricanehardening specialists, we can help you maximize the protection to your home.

By protecting and reinforcing six critical areas, you can strengthen the exterior of your house so wind forces and debris do not create large openings resulting in water intrusion from wind driven rain.

  • Roof

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Garage doors

  • Soffits and attic vents

  • Gable ends

If your home was built prior to 2001 building code, contact your insurance agent to see what types of discounts are available to harden your home. Discounts could apply to roof covering, how your roof is attached, roof-to-wall connection, roof shape, roof secondary water resistance, shutters, impact windows/doors, etc. Insurance discounts typically cover the cost of the upgrades in a fairly short period of time. Ask your agent for a copy of their Replacement Cost Estimate (i.e. specific property list including foundation type, roof type, interior details, etc.) used to calculate your coverage amounts and be sure it accurately reflects your current situation.

We suggest you refer to the Florida Disaster Retrofit Guide intended to help you decide how to protect your home against the winds and rains of hurricanes. It is a great resource.

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#SouthFlorida is no paradise with a storm power outage and it only takes one prolonged experience without power to consider investing in a generator. When completing any #fortlauderdalerenovation, a generator is a must. The link to Consumer Reports #generatorbuyingguide will help steer you in the right direction. Please pay particular attention to the 5 Tips to Keep Your Generator Running as a unit that does not work when labor and parts may be unavailable will spoil your carefully laid plan. Your #fortlauderdalerenovationexperts recommend you also elevate the generator at least to the level of your base floor in the event there is rising water around your home to protect it from rising water.

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Sep 27, 2017

Our home was built in 1972. Thank you for the Florida Disaster Retrofit guide.


Sep 26, 2017

Very helpful info which every homeowner should have


Sep 24, 2017

The Trebbi's are master contractors. They are at the top of their game, are fair, reliable, and will deliver what they promise and even more.


Sep 22, 2017

Very helpful. Thanks.


Craig Kenyon
Craig Kenyon
Sep 21, 2017

Great link to very useful and timely info.

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